When the Message matters most.

My experience with MGA goes back to early 2000 when  they renovated the sound system at Capital Christian Center where I served as Senior Music Associate from 1988- 2000. Everyone at CCC is extremely delighted in the work that MGA did. The sound is warm, evenly distributed in every part of the room, and produces great articulation for both instrumentalists and vocalists.

Randy Quackenbush Sr., Music Associate - Capital Christian Center, Sacramento, CA

Thank you for the splendid work your company performed for us by designing and installing all our sound equipment in our new worship facility in 1990.

It is a great joy to work with honest people! Also, the care and concern you have shown since the installation has been tremendous.

Rev. Charles R. Combs, Senior Pastor - Full Gospel Tabernacle, Turlock, CA

I have known Michael Garrison for over 15 years and utilized his company, MGA, for our acoustical, audio, image display and lighting needs.

Projects have included systems for our 2,000-seat auditorium, our 1,000-seat gymnasium and for other smaller rooms. We keep going back to MGA because of the excellent results we get every time. MGA's pricing is very competitive, but more importantly, the project is completed in a timely manner and IT WORKS!

Dr. Jerry Prevo, Senior Pastor - Anchorage Baptist Temple, Anchorage, AK

I want to thank you for your efforts in designing the acoustics and state of the art sound system for our 10,146 seat FaithDome.

You exhausted all possible considerations in designing for this facility...the net result is an audio showplace...it allows me to concentrate on ministering and not acoustics or sound reinforcement. I look forward to having you continue to [work] for our Ever Increasing audio requirements.

Dr. Frederick K.C. Price, Senior Pastor - Crenshaw Christian Center, Los Angeles, CA

When our church was seeking to remodel and upgrade our  [1,200-seat] worship center, the major areas needing attention were acoustics, audio, video and lighting. In the process, we desired to find a company that could  assess our present situation, understand our vision, facilitate our transition to state-of-the-art equipment, and to implement the total package.

It is with great pleasure that I send this letter of thanks and recommendation because MGA accomplished all of this far...

Rev. Andrem M. Crowther Director of Media Ministries - Aloma Baptist Church

Faith Chapel contracted with MGA for the acoustical, sound, lighting and video projection systems for our  1,200 seat sanctuary completed in March of 1995.

Our relationship with MGA was a positive one, and one which produced an excellently performing facility at a reasonable cost. MGA's team not only demonstrated technical competence, but equally important, their integrity and character in every aspect of our relationship. MGA completed their work in a timely manner and cooperated...

Carl H. Wolf, Administrator - Faith Chapel, Billings, MT

I think it appropriate for me to express to you my appreciation for the relationship between this church and your company over the past several years.

Although we've experienced a few problems with our  system, you've stuck with us and followed through far beyond what might be considered required. Your approach  to problems, your attitude and your conversation have ministered to me. You have my highest endorsement from both Christian and professional perspectives.

Rev. Dick Louthan, Minister of Music - First Church of the Nazarene, Salem, OR

Let me take a moment to personally thank you for all the work you did in the design and installation of the sound system for our new church...

We have enjoyed our relationship with you...we are delighted in the finished product. What has been done here meets the standards we had hoped and prayed for.

Rev. Robert D. Parker, Senior Pastor - Memorial Baptist Church, Fresno, CA

"We can recommend MGA to you for your technical production systems from our experience and satisfaction with them. We can most readily recommend the owner Michael Garrison to you for his honesty, integrity, professionalism and ethical approach to quality business. You will enjoy working with Michael and can trust his company."

Rev. David Stone Senior Minister Southeast Christian Church - Louisville, KY

Michael Garrison has developed an acute sensitivity to the unique demands of both pastors, singers, worship leaders, and musicians.

We are privileged to thank him for his design and installation of our extraordinary sound reinforcement system here...and we intend to use his design services for our new 3,400 seat auditorium.

Pastoral Staff - Jubilee Christian Center, San Jose, CA

I am very pleased with the technical systems that your group designed and installed. I have to compliment your guys for on the fantastic job they did and the  diligence with which they worked.

I have observed the character and integrity with which  you run your business and it is impressive. I appreciate your relational approach to working with your clients and in our case I know we have benefited greatly from our relationship with MGA.

Tim Lehmann, Production Director -Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

Desert Chapel highly recommends Michael Garrison Associates. They have shown the highest professionalism.

Their work is superior in all areas. In fact, they went to great extremes to make sure that we were satisfied with our sound system. Indeed, we are happy with the sound system they designed for [our church].

Rev. Fred Donaldson, Senior Pastor - Desert Chapel Foursquare Church, Palm Springs, CA

I highly recommend Michael Garrison Associates. Both Michael and his brother, Tim, are men of character.

Their commitment to Christ is central to all they do,  both personally and in business. Their leadership in their own church provides a background to know exactly what I'm saying when I talk about the needs of our congregation and worship leaders. I can personally  attest to their knowledge and experience with quality sound, having worked with them in churches ranging in size from...

Darrell Adcock, Minister of Worship & Programming - Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Las Vegas, NV

In a nutshell, we chose Michael Garrison's company because they were so far superior to anyone else in the market.

They offered us better equipment at better prices and with better service. They were more than willing to spend the time to make sure it was right. We are very pleased...

Rev. Lorne Wood, Pastor - First Baptist Church, Junction City, OR

From design to installation, MGA was never satisfied until things were done right. In fact, most of my respect for MGA has come from their integrity in demanding situations. They accept responsibility for oversights, follow through on promises, and they are not satisfied until their customer is. They also had great respect for our budget.

Al Dangelo, Administrative Pastor - Jackson Christian Church, Canton, OH

Jubilee Christian Center contracted MGA to design acoustics, lighting, projection, sound and stage rigging systems for our new sanctuary.

MGA's design development architectural rendering service proved to be of much usefulness in planning and implementation and helped produce great results in designing state-of-the-art systems. We were very impressed with MGA's services and enjoyed working with a company of great integrity, skill and technical  knowledge. I would highly recommend MGA...

Rev. Dick Bernal, Senior Pastor - Jubilee Christian Center, San Jose, CA

Late in 1993 Faith Chapel began to investigate aspects of church design dealing with sound, lighting,  projection and acoustics for our new sanctuary project. Michael Garrison Associates was referred to us by several people and, after confirming their qualifications and ability to work cooperatively with our architect, were hired by us.

The MGA team was easy to work with...and exercised great care in the design  phase of the project. What emerged at the end of the construction is a...

Kelly C. Olp, Media Director Faith Chapel - Billings, MT

We are especially pleased with MGA's abilities to creatively integrate the acoustical, sound, lighting and projection system elements into our room's architecture.

Their sensitivity to our needs and budget, along with their cooperative spirit in working with our architect, was a refreshing aspect of this whole project. We have also found MGA to be sincere in their concern for our interests. They have provided an excellent solution to  the challenge of purchasing, installing and...

Rev. Brad Burnett, Administrative Pastor - High Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

The individuals at Michael Garrison Associates are genuinely concerned with our church's ministry.

They address the needs that are particular to our situation in terms of facilities, as well as our style. I have been very pleased with the expertise they demonstrate, as well as the cooperation with our own technicians. They have done everything from design to  installation, training sessions and repairs, all to the highest standards. I would strongly recommend their services to those...

Rev. Emmanuel Fonte, Minister of Music - First Assembly of God, Bakersfield, CA

MGA has assisted us in designing and installing the [technical] systems for our church's 2,000 seat main sanctuary and 300 seat chapel.

We are very pleased with the service we have received and the prompt and efficient manner in which it has been handled. Since the beginning of our relationship . . . [you] have, through innovative thinking and approaches, provided us with excellent service. Your dedication and loyalty to your clients is to be commended.

Stanley Wang Chairman/Construction Project Manager - Forerunner Christian Church, Fremont, CA

In the course of the last year and a half I have had the opportunity to work with Michael and his associates on our newly completed 2,300 seat auditorium. Michael has proven to not only be a competent, qualified acoustician, but a skilled, well qualified sound system designer. Our system sound is excellent. In the words of a nationally known Christian artist who was here for a concert, 'this is the best sounding permanent sound system I have heard.' Suffice it to say that we are very...

Alan Woosley, Anchorage Baptist Temple

From the outset, your firm provided us with professional, reliable and, most importantly, honest advice ...concerning our technical systems requirements. . . . your group was often the 'glue' that kept not only our technical systems (sound, lighting, acoustics, etc.) on track, but kept us headed in the right direction on the overall project. Churches often lack the technical expertise that is needed to carry out their building projects, and I believe your firm  provided that expertise for...

Kevin Pagan, General Council - Trinity Worship Center, Pharr, TX

I looked at several companies on the West Coast and found Michael's company to be the most precise in their documentation, exacting in their installation standards, truly knowledgeable and experienced...in state-of-the-art installation, engineering and equalization of sound systems. I have seen firsthand two different systems that Mike has designed, installed and commissioned. I have heard and seen the results and have nothing but praise for the work that he has done.

Kenneth Kauffman, Technical Services Manager - First Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton, CA

We have been involved with Michael Garrison and his company, MGA, for approximately seven years in the  design of acoustics, sound and lighting systems for our new sanctuary.

Words cannot express how deeply grateful we are for the fine professional, as well as personal, effort that was made to aid in our completion. When you consider that we were dealing with a company on the West Coast - the  service, commitment, and desire for excellence were quite overwhelming. In a day and age...

Pastor Chuck Schumacher, Senior Pastor - High Mill Church of the Resurrection, Canton, OH

We are fortunate to have discovered the talents and  skills of MGA.

We had them help us solve acoustical and sound system problems in our fellowship hall and main sanctuary. They recommended solutions that were cost effective and  aesthetically pleasing. We are pleased to have them as our consultant and recommend them to you.

Rev. Lowell Roggow, Pastor of Worship and Music - Mission Hills Church, Littleton, CO

MGA's services included acoustic design, sound, lighting, projection, [video] and stage rigging for our new [3,000-seat dome] facility.

They have truly been a blessing to this ministry, and their work exceeded expectations. Their professionalism, extensive knowledge base, and commitment to excellence to God's kingdom are apparent.

Debra W. Blaylock, Assistant Pastor/Administrator - Faith Chapel Christian Center, Birmingham, AL

Since being in our new sanctuary, we have received nothing but praise for the quality of our sound system. This is remarkable considering the broad area of performance needs presented at our church. This would not have happened except for the total involvement Michael's company put into our project. From the time of our initial contact clear through construction and even to this day, they have been concerned with our project. I have been impressed by both the people and technology presented...

Bob Ward, Minister of Media - Willamette Christian Center, Eugene, OR

For the past five months we have been in our new [930 -seat] sanctuary and enjoying the sound, lighting and projection equipment designed and installed by MGA.

Their expertise in all of the technical areas of our construction project was outstanding. They adapted to the shifting requirements of the construction schedule and completed their work without creating delays, coordinating well with our other subcontractors. We are  very pleased with the results and our association with  MGA...

Rev. George Posthumus, Senior Pastor - Riverpark Bible Church

"We chose your company primarily because you were patient in listening to what special needs we had, and went out of your way...to meet those needs.

I can think of no one better equipped to aid a church  in their acoustic and sound reinforcement needs...and  no one more concerned about doing the job right.

George Dikeman, Associate Pastor/Media Director - Beaverton Foursquare Church, Beaverton, OR

I want you to know that we are very pleased with our  new sound system. I especially appreciated the approach  that you took in seeing...it not just as another job but as a ministry...I also  appreciate your commitment to excellence and the  integrity you demonstrated in all your dealings with us. I am grateful for the way you do business. It is  refreshing in this day when people's word really  doesn't mean much.

Rev. Dennis Kizziar, Senior Pastor - Modesto Covenant Church, Modesto, CA

We expected an excellent, high quality sound system and we got it!

But more importantly, we were treated with respect,  patience, courtesy and integrity. I appreciate your help every step of the way.

Rev. Larry Roberts, Associate Pastor of Worship/Music Ministries - Sunrise Baptist Church, Fair Oaks, CA

In the planning and building of our new worship center one of the best decisions was to partner with MGA in the design and installation of the [technical] systems portion of our project.

MGA gave us straightforward answers to our questions, heard our desires, and helped create a worship environment that looks and sounds awesome! Their advice and input into the design stage was priceless. However, what makes MGA unique is that they truly practice 'service after the sale.'

Dr. Timothy H. Brown, Senior Pastor - First Baptist Church, Clovis, CA

Since being in our new sanctuary, we have received nothing but praise for the quality of our sound system. This is remarkable considering the broad area of performance needs presented at our church. This would not have happened except for the total involvement Michael's company put into our project. From the time of our initial contact clear through construction and even to this day, they have been concerned with our project. I have been impressed by both the people and technology...

Brent Moutier, NorthCreek Church

MGA came on the scene after we had made most of the design decisions for our new campus.

When Michael and his team looked at our plans, they  made several suggestions that greatly improved the  design of our building. . . . we are now enjoying a 1,500 seat worship center where sight and sound is at a clarity and excellence that goes far beyond what I would have dreamed. If and when we cross the building  phase again, there is no doubt FCC will call upon the quality and...

Rev. Mike Claypool, Senior Preaching Minister - First Christian Church, Newburgh, IN

It has been over eight months since the upgrade of our  existing sanctuary...the new audio equipment and RPG  acoustical treatment went a long way toward totally changing our church sound environment. The amount of gain we have now before entering into feedback is  phenomenal. Dr. Price is thoroughly satisfied with the  large concert hall type of sound he now enjoys.

It has been over eight months since the upgrade of our existing sanctuary...the new audio equipment and RPG acoustical...

A. Michael Evans, Jr., Director of Media Ever Increasing Faith Ministries- Los Angeles, CA

MGA has provided us with a truly magnificent sound system that is both functional and outstanding in terms of quality and clarity of sound.

It is a creative and unique system. Mr. Garrison is a delight to work with. He is gracious and humble. His main interest is fulfilling the needs of his client and not imposing some preconceived plan upon them. He is very patient and conscientious as well as most knowledgeable. I can very comfortably and gladly recommend Michael Garrison...

Rabbi Kenneth I. Segel, Sr. Rabbi - Temple Beth Israel, Fresno, CA

MGA's signature sound systems fit contemporary music  ministries exceptionally well.

Our choir and orchestra perform contemporary, black gospel and gospel music. Our Praise Band is contemporary (rhythm section/horns) and does music from  Hillsongs, Passion, Darrell Evans, Matt Redman, etc. I highly recommend MGA's services to you. They are professional, ministry minded, budget conscious (coming  in under budget!) and service oriented. Come hear our system anytime. I think you'll be...

Randy Quackenbush, Minister of Music - James River Assembly of God, Springfield, MO

We are most pleased with the sound system in our new multi-purpose family worship center. Your counsel and advice in so many areas was correct...

and done with a great degree of sensitivity. You responded to our needs and schedule, which was not always easy to do. In fact, I feel you went the extra mile in this regard. I would highly recommend your company and services to others...

Rev. Gene A. Kern, Senior Pastor - Sunrise Baptist Church, Fair Oaks, CA

As a young church with very little experience in building or remodeling, MGA gave us the confidence we needed to install a first class audio and lighting system within our budget. It was great to work with people who are both experts in their field and know what a church needs from experience. From on-site consultation, to installation, to financing, to helping our volunteer team use the system with effectiveness, the team at MGA was accessible and provided just the expertise we needed....

Chris Lewis, Lead Pastor - Foothill Church

I am so pleased with the results [of the acoustic treatment and new sound system] that I just can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you and your team of experts.

They are not only great technicians, but they are also really fine men. It is now a wonderful experience to walk into our sanctuary and have the room so much more alive. Thank you!!!!!

Ginger Simmons for Stan Simmons, Senior Pastors - Faith Chapel Foursquare Church, Billings, MT

I can't thank you enough for what you've done for us with the audio upgrade. What a tremendous difference!!!

Your desire to do the best job possible shows and we are definitely going to be the beneficiaries for years to come. . . Thanks for the spirit in which you do your job!"

Larry Eckman, Minister of Music - Second Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

. . . when we decided to fund a major renovation of our 3,000 seat sanctuary, we gave acoustics and the various communication-assisting systems the highest design priority.

And selecting a qualified firm with a proven track-record to undertake this responsibility was very important to us. We wish to express our complete satisfaction with the services we have received from Michael Garrison Associates.

Rev. Bill Rogers, Senior Pastor - High Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

MGA provided quality sound, image display, lighting and video equipment for our new 9,000 seat auditorium. Great job MGA. As for installation, it was clean, efficient and professional. We are three years into our new building and still thrilled with the installation. And as for service, MGA was the best. MGA made themselves available to us for moths after we made the move to train and oversee our operators. Even now when we need a revision or update, MGA makes themselves available to assist...

Greg Allen, Worship Leader - Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

Thank you for the splendid work your company performed for us by designing and installing all our sound equipment in our new worship facility in 1990.

It is a great joy to work with honest people! Also, the care and concern you have shown since the installation has been tremendous.

Rev. Charles R. Combs, Senior Pastor - Full Gospel Tabernacle, Turlock, CA

I know of no better audio consultant than Michael Garrison of MGA. I have worked with Michael on many projects ranging from portable systems to huge installs (9,400 seats). He is the finest Christian businessman I know and highly relational. He has a real passion for the church. MGA's real strength, from a consulting point-of-view, is the integration of audio, lighting, staging, video, and theatrical design. The bottom line... I have found no better sounding system than what MGA creates....

Darrell Adcock, Worship Pastor - Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, AR

When we began our background check of Michael Garrison  Associates we asked, 'Are they able to produce what they say they can do?'

The answer over and over was, 'Whatever Michael Garrison says he can do, consider it done.' Now we can be added  to that list who say the same thing. Although service and professionalism were certainly two very important qualities we experienced, the most important quality of our association was the agreeable working spirit and desire to please that...

Rev. John M. Edie, Minister of Education/Administration - Second Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

On behalf of our ministry of music, may I thank you for all the work you have done to enhance the effectiveness of our outreach. You and your staff consistently go out of your way to listen to our problems, understand our unique needs, and provide economical solutions.

Rev. Richard G. Perrin, Minister of Music - Memorial Baptist Church, Fresno, CA

We want to thank you for the beautiful installation of the sound system in our new 2,500 seat auditorium...

We would like to say that we are totally satisfied with your work and do appreciate the extra personal effort that you put into training our operators. I believe your work is a great service to the Kingdom of God.

Rev. Joe D. Wright, Senior Pastor - Calvary Temple Assembly of God, Modesto, CA

Words cannot fully express our gratitude for the ministry and service of MGA to Grace Church.

No project is without challenges, but at every crisis MGA not only adjusted and flexed with our needs, but also found solutions far better than we had originally dreamed of! Not many companies involved in contractor services are as fluid and dynamic as yours. Our job  required that flexibility many times, and we are extremely satisfied with the level of excellence MGA has provided.

Randy Vandemark, Worship Pastor - Grace Church, Middleburg Heights, OH

As we have seen MGA in action, we have come to realize firsthand that you understand the needs of the contemporary church. This was reflected in the design of the [technical] systems that were then expertly installed by your team. 

We have been very grateful for the continued technical support, product sales, and advice that we continue to receive from MGA. This has been an added bonus to Grace Church that we quite honestly didn't expect, even though we had heard that you operated...

Rev. Jonathan Schaeffer, Senior Pastor - Grace Church, Middleburg Heights, OH

Let me begin by saying that I knew exactly what I didn't want in [technical systems] for our new building based on my experience over the years. The wisdom [to work with MGA] has proven valuable over and over during the three-year occupation of the present worship center/auditorium. Our purpose was to design a space where everyone could see and hear. And this certainly has been the case. We are very pleased with Michael  Garrison's commitment to excellence and really appreciate the...

Kevin Odor, Senior Pastor - Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Las Vegas, CA

How wonderful to get to know you and your associates. . . it was a thrill to watch and listen to your assessment and tuning of our system.

I feel that your time with us was so profitable. Let me explain. No one has communicated so clearly to us our needs. We are sold on MGA!

Dave Ellington, Music Pastor - Calvary Baptist Church, Covington, KY

Michael Garrison and his company designed the sound system and acoustics for our new multi-purpose convocation center.

The acoustics in the building are the finest in which I have ever had the privilege of speaking.

Dr. David J. Seifert, Senior Pastor - Big Valley Grace Community Church, Modesto, CA

The staff and congregation at Southland Christian Church are extremely grateful to Michael Garrison  Associates for their contributions to our new three thousand seat Worship & Activities Center.

One of our core values is‚ 'Excellence honors God and reflects His character.' This core value is fully exemplified through the work performed in our facility by MGA.

MGA was selected to design, provide and install the acoustic treatment and the sound, image magnification,...

Mike Breaux, Senior Minister - Southland Christian Church, Lexington, KY

We are currently working with MGA on the design and construction of our new [3,000-seat - expandable to 5,000 seats] worship center. The information we have received from Michael and his company has been invaluable. They have met and exceeded our expectations for the design process.

Ellen Kenison, Administrator/Construction Project Manager - Christian Faith Center, Seattle, WA

This past week [final set-up, tuning and training] has been yet another experience we will treasure for a long  time.

The memories of our experiences together in this adventure continue to reproduce themselves with joy. Your servanthood, your enthusiasm, the creative capacity with which God has gifted you, your gentle humility and tenacious perseverance never cease to inspire and motivate us.

Rev. Steve Gortz, Executive Pastor - Angelus Temple, Los Angeles, CA

Throughout our association with you, we found your  company to be competent and interested in our concerns  at every turn of the way.

We also appreciated the manner in which you did  everything you could to work with our architect... We  found your company to be professional, cooperative,  friendly, committed to excellence and always  demonstrating a high degree of integrity.

Don Bergstrom, Choir Director/Building Committee -Evangelical Free Church, San Jose, CA

We selected Michael Garrison to work with our architect to ensure that our new 3,000 seat auditorium would have good acoustics and a great sound system.

The results have exceeded our highest expectations. His company performs masterfully in every area and has my highest recommendation.

Rev. Dale E. Galloway, Senior Pastor - New Hope Community Church, Portland, OR

Thank you for your work in designing and installing  the acoustics, sound, lighting, and video in our new  facility.

It was a pleasure to work with your company. We appreciate your spirit of cooperation and your commitment to excellence.

Sherry Perkins, Business Administrator - Connection Pointe Christian Church, Brownsburg, IN

First of all, I have to say WOW! I know that people  overuse phrases like ‘I was blown away!' or ‘This is  unbelievable!!' - but in this case [of our new 2,000-seat worship  center] they are all understatements. You have created  an awesome environment for us to provide meaningful,  culturally relevant worship experiences to lost people  in our community. Your professionalism and desire to  produce excellence is evident in every member of your  team. You are always a pleasure to deal with...

Jason Rehmel, Creative Director - Northside Christian Church, New Albany, IN

I am writing to thank you for the excellent job you have done on the sound system for our church.

With considerable investigation, we had heard so many 'opinions' on what would make things 'right,' that we were almost afraid to trust anyone. Selecting your company to design and install our sound system has proven to be a wise decision. Not only do we have an  excellent sound system, but the skilled, professional attention of an organization that really cares about and meets our...

Dr. Allan Hamilton, Senior Pastor - Portland Foursquare Church, Portland, OR

First Baptist Church

Project ScopeNew Main Sanctuary
LocationClovis, CA
MGA Project Number0422-FBCC
RegionUS West
Design StartSep-04
Occupancy DateSep-06
Sr. ContactDr. Tim Brown
Sr. Contact TitleSr. Pastor
Primary ContactKen Hendrix - Worship Pastor (559-299-6038)
ArchitectTim Mattheis, Wenell Mattheis Bowe Architects
Acoustical ConsultantMGA
Assembly Space ConsultantMGA
Technical Systems DesignMGA Scope: Audio, Image Display, Lighting and Video Production Systems
General ContractorMike Burns, Quiring Corporation
Electrical ContractorDonald Roberts, Bill Marvin Electric (559-291-2575)
Technical SystemsMGA Scope: Supply/Install Audio, Image Display and Video Production Systems; Supply Acoustic Panels and Lighting Equipment - Installation by Others
Architect URLwww.wmbarchitects.com
Acoustical Consultant URLmga.us.com
Assembly Space Consultant URLmga.us.com
Technical Systems Design URLmga.us.com
General Contractor URLwww.quiring.com
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